4LinesFusion, Inc. is a Canadian Industrial Analytics company that provides algorithms for cascading events to deliver proactive, precision machine reliability. Founded in 2016 by Jeff Guerin (CEO and President) and Sean Volkaert (CTO), 4LinesFusion takes a holistic approach to tribology to provide prescriptive monitoring for increased machine reliability. 4LinesFusion’s innovative Software-as-a-Service solution SeerWorks Reliability ensures advanced and unique monitoring to deliver Reliability-as-a-Service to their customers.
SeerWorks Reliability increases bearing reliability by accurately and proactively predicting failure before it happens and taking appropriate action. By digitally assessing the health of both machine elements and their lubricants, it allows to identify risks during smooth operation when damage has not occurred yet. The technology has been successfully applied in the wind, marine and automotive industries. It reduces downtime and costs, extents service life, and promotes evidence-based maintenance for OEMs and aftermarkets.

4LinesFusion is a TPR client since 2020.

4LinesFusion, Inc.
Dr. Jan-M. Brandt
300 Wellington Street
London, Ontario, N6B 2L5, Canada
E-Mail: Jan.M.Brandt@4LinesFusion.com
Internet: www.4linesfusion.com