Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH manufactures quality ball screws in the Black Forest town of Hornberg, Germany. Established in 1938, Kammerer is a family-run business with today 175 employees. The product range includes ball screws, trapezoidal ball screws, custom assemblies and complete systems. Kammerer offers all manufacturing processes for the production of threads. The products are used throughout the world in machine tools, general mechanical engineering, precision engineering, handling automation, robotics, medical equipment, the automotive and aerospace industry.

Kammerer is a TPR client since 2009.

Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH
In der Hausmatte 3
78132 Hornberg-Niederwasser
Tel.: 07833 96 03 0
Fax: 07833 96 03 80
E-Mail: info@kammerer-gewinde.com
Internet: www.kammerer-gewinde.com