New from Bega: Easy mounting and dismounting with powerful portable multi-purpose induction heater

Vaassen, the Netherlands, October 2023. Bega Special Tools introduces a portable multi-purpose induction heater on the North American market. The MF Quick-Heater 3.0-3.5 kW can be used for mounting, dismounting and pre-heating purposes. Weighing less than 8 kg and fitting in a small carrying case, this easy-to-use but powerful tool is just plugged into the mains 230 V. It can be used in difficult circumstances where other systems are impossible to operate, for instance where there is little space to work in or where no open fire is permitted. The heater’s flexible inductors are ideal for a large variety of parts with a maximum diameter of 120 mm. Application examples can be found in all types of industries.

Induction heaters are used for industrial heating of ferro-magnetic parts including bearings, sleeves, gears, inner rings etc. The portable, multi-purpose heater from Bega has a maximum power output of 3.5 kW. The new model is part of the MF Quick-Heater 3.0 series, varying from 10 kW to 44 kW capacity. “The MF Quick-Heater can be a real problem solver for dismounting jobs, but is also used for mounting and pre-heating purposes,” says Richard Imbro, National Sales Manager for Bega in the USA. “It is very easy to use – just plug it into the mains 230 V. Here in North America, this is making it a very attractive device for small to midsize workshops. A lot of the heating equipment of similar technology come in 400 V or even 480 V, but smaller shops can’t use this high voltage equipment, making the MF Quick-Heater 3.5 kW a perfect fit.”

The heater combines a small generator with a flexible inductor that can be wrapped in or around a workpiece or both, offering a multifunctional solution for various shapes or sizes. The inductors can be used for parts with a maximum diameter of 120 mm and are suitable to heat to a maximum temperature of 180 °C or 356 °F. The parts are heated either extremely fast or controlled, depending on the application and purpose of dismounting, mounting or pre-heating. The heater has four different heating modes. Two temperature sensors make it possible to measure the internal and external temperature of a workpiece. When this Delta-T function is enabled, the maximum preset temperature difference between two points can never be exceeded. Smart electronics take care of an optimal operation frequency. The heating process is displayed in a 4.3 inch touchscreen. A log function can save or export data via the USB connection.

“Induction heating is a highly efficient and eco-friendly method for industrial heating applications,” says Richard Imbro. “There are many other reasons why to look at induction heating in comparison with conventional methods. Heating is controlled, fast and energy efficient. The quality of work is better, and enhances machine up-time. Since there is no open fire, there is no polluting smoke or noise. Personal safety is also a serious point to take into consideration as heating no longer involves open fire, hot oil or other hazardous methods.”

Recent application examples include dismounting a sleeve or bushing from a pump used in the dredging industry. After 3.26 minutes the bushing was heated up to 143.5 °C and could be pushed off the shaft. Another example is dismounting a coupling from the electric motor of a yacht. After 2.2 minutes the coupling was heated up to 101 °C and could effortlessly be removed from the shaft. In the rail industry, sequential dismounting of wheel set bearings was required. Using the MF Quick-Heater, the first inner ring reached a temperature of 120 °C after 105 seconds, and could be pushed off. The second inner ring reached the same temperature in 110 seconds, and could also be removed effortlessly.

The MF Quick-Heater consists of one generator MF 3.0-3.5 kW for 230 V, two magnetic temperature sensors, and flexible inductors which are available in optional lengths of 5 m, 7.5 m and 10 m. The kit also includes one pair of heat resistant gloves.

Headquartered in Vaassen in the Netherlands and with a North American office in New York, Bega manufactures and distributes special tools for safe, cost-effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. These tools substantially improve the quality and ease of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines, resulting in longer lifespan. They are used in production and maintenance departments of MRO and OEM companies within various types of industries and include special solutions for the wind energy, railway, mining and steel industries.

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Established in 1978 and headquartered in Vaassen, the Netherlands, Bega International B.V. (Bega Special Tools) is a manufacturer and distributor of special tools for mounting and dismounting rolling bearings and other drive components. Bega tools are used in the production and maintenance departments of MRO and OEM companies. Bega exports to more than 60 countries, including the USA and Canada.

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